Our personnel have been involved in various operations ranging from Offshore Supplies, Anchor Handling, Rigmove Operations (Inshore & Offshore), Survey Services (Slot & Route), Dredging (Location Sweeping and Sand Stockpiling), Subsea Inspection Services & Offshore Mooring Operations, Petroleum Product Supply, Ship Chandelling, Diving Support Services and Environmental Management/Pollution Control Services. Find below an outline of the Equipment & Services:

Supply of Vessels for Offshore Operations (PSV, MPSV & AHTS)

Rig Move Operations (Inshore & Offshore)

Survey Services (Slot & Route)

Wreck Removal & Salvage Operations

Supply of Tug & Crew Boats

Supply of Barges & House Boats

Supply of Speed Boats & Landing Crafts

Supply of Petroleum Products

Dredging Services & Equipment

Subsea Inspection Services & Offshore Mooring Operation

Diving Support Services

Ship Chandling Services

Environmental Management & Pollution Control Services

Civil Construction

Crude Handling (Provision of Logistics Support and Military Security for Crude Oil Evacuation).

Produce Water Treatment and Evacuation